Irish flag, currency, population. Is Ireland an island country?

reland (Irish: Éirinn, English: Ireland), located in the south-central part of the Irish Island in western Europe, with its capital in Dublin. The land area is 70,000 square kilometers. The Irish here belong to the Celts and are the descendants of the first generation of inhabitants on the European continent.

The Irish flag (Irish: Bhratach Náisiúnta), also known as the “Irish tricolor flag”, is in the shape of a horizontal rectangle, consisting of three parallel and equal vertical rectangles of green, white, and orange from left to right. The Irish Republic flag symbolizes the desire of all peoples on the Irish island to unite. Among them, green symbolizes the Catholic tradition of Ireland; orange symbolizes the King William III of the Orange-Nassau dynasty, who was the followers of the minority of the new Protestant in Ireland; white symbolizes the hope for the peaceful coexistence of both sides. However, in history, Ireland used green to represent the symbol of Irish republicanism and Catholicism.

This island country of Ireland has charming natural beauty and is known as the “green island”, “emerald island”, and “jadeite island” because the whole country is covered with grass. Also because of its rapid economic development, it also has the title of “European tiger”. It was also the only country in the world that once prohibited divorce, but in fact, this provision has been abolished in 1996, and Ireland is still one of the happiest countries in the world and always occupies the TOP list of the happiest countries in the world. Ireland has unique tourism beauty throughout the year. In spring, Ireland comes back to life. In March, the earth is covered with green clothes and the flowers bloom; in April, the temperature rises, suitable for outdoor hiking and picnics; in May, the flowers are in full bloom, a splendid sight. So, let’s take a trip as we speak in Ireland.

01 The cultural capital: Dublin (English: Dublin)
In the selection of the famous travel magazine “Lonely Planet”, Dublin was rated as the seventh most tourist-friendly city in the world in 2022. It is the capital of Ireland and a cultural capital spanning the Liffey River. There are many universities, academies of sciences, art galleries in this city, and there are also buildings with a history of hundreds of years everywhere, such as the Christ Church Cathedral.

The Christ Church Cathedral is located in the center of Dublin City and has been a place of pilgrimage for nearly 1,000 years. In the 13th century, it was originally a Romanesque building, but under the influence of the architectural style of the Western Gothic style school in England, new elements were added and became one of the most beautiful and most unforgettable churches in Ireland.

Inside the church, many rare objects are exhibited, such as the cats and mice in the medieval catacombs, the heart of St. Lawrence O’Toole, and the statue of the son of the black-haired boy, etc. There are also organ performances here every day, allowing tourists to be more immersed in the sacred atmosphere.

In addition, the Dublin Castle is also a place worthy of our appreciation. This is one of the most historically significant buildings in Ireland. At the corner of the Christ Church Cathedral, it is. The castle was built in the 12th century and has magnificent state apartments, a royal chapel, as well as the Dulin Gardens, the Chester Beatty Library, and so on. The inauguration ceremony of the president, the welcome ceremony for the visit of foreign heads of state and the state banquet are also held here.

02 The capital of the west: Galway (Galway)
Galway, also known as Galway (Irish: Gaillimh). Galway is located at the confluence of the Corrib River and the Atlantic Ocean, and is a cultural, tourist, and trading center in Ireland. It is known as the “cultural capital of Ireland” and the “capital of the west of Ireland”, and it was also the “European Capital of Culture” in 2020.

Galway’s lakes, rivers, bridges, and medieval-style buildings set each other off. It has once been described by the famous poet Keats as the “Venice of the West”. Here has the most beautiful sea view in all of Ireland, and there is a natural wonder, which is the Moher Cliffs. This cliff is a world-class famous cliff, the highest cliff in Europe, facing the Atlantic Ocean, and is famous for its steepness. It is also an important seabird habitat in Ireland, and many rare plant varieties also grow on the cliff.

The Moher Cliffs are also the location for many film and television works, including the filming location of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and the filming location of the famous single “My Love” by Westlife. When you come here, it is necessary to note that this is a coastal cliff, and the Irish government receives news of tourists falling off the cliff and dying every year, so you must also follow the arrangements of the tour guide and pay attention to safety during the visit.
03 Filming location of “Game of Thrones”: Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is one of the political entities of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, located in the northeast of the Irish Island, and its capital is Belfast. The entire Irish Island is divided into two parts, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is not large in area, but it is the filming location of “Game of Thrones” and is therefore famous.

In Northern Ireland, the Dark Hedges of the King’s Road is the most popular iconic attraction for tourists. There are also world heritage sites such as the Giant’s Causeway and Ward Castle and other famous attractions here. And the medieval castle ruins of Dunluce here is the location of the Greyjoy family in “Game of Thrones”, and also the castle prototype in “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

In Ireland, there are also many other historical sites, museums, castles, and natural landscapes. The food in this island country is also very appealing and unforgettable. A trip in Ireland will definitely be very interesting.

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