Japan 2024 cherry blossoms bloom to welcome more than 3 million foreign tourists.

Japan cherry blossoms bloom to welcome more than 3 million foreign tourists.

Data released by the Japanese government on Wednesday (April 17) shows that more than 3 million foreign tourists visited Japan in March, setting a record for a single month and greatly driving the development of Japan’s tourism industry.

Reuters reported that the Japan National Tourism Organization said that the total number of tourists was 3.08 million, an increase of 69.5% compared with March last year and 11.6% compared with March 2019.

The National Tourism Organization said, “This is the highest monthly number of tourists on record and the first time to exceed 3 million.”

In addition to the generally rising tourism demand, factors such as the spring cherry blossom season and the Easter holiday have also driven Japan’s tourism industry. The number of people from overseas such as India, Germany, Taiwan, and the United States has reached a historical high.

Since the cancellation of coronavirus restrictions, Japan’s tourism industry has thrived, and the government has been working hard to increase the number of tourists. But this has not been widely welcomed, for example, local people in Kyoto complain that tourists who like taking pictures harass the perfectly dressed geishas in the city. These “artistic women” work in the teahouses in the picturesque Gion in Kyoto to make a living. For centuries, they have performed Japanese traditional dances, music, and games in the teahouses.

This summer, hikers using the most popular routes to climb Mount Fuji will be charged a fee of $13 per person (about S$18) and a maximum number of people will be set to ease congestion and improve safety.

The mayor of Osaka city also said that he is considering charging new fees to foreign tourists, separate from the existing hotel accommodation tax.

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