Thailand has been honored as “the best tourist country in the world in 2024”.

Recently, a survey result targeting 260,000 readers was released by the globally renowned business magazine “CEOWORLD”. With a high score of 72.15%, Thailand stood out among 67 selected countries worldwide and was honored with the title of “the best tourist country in the world in 2024”. This is following Bangkok being rated as the best city by “DestinAsian” magazine in 2023, and Thailand has once again received an honor in the international tourism field, further consolidating its position as a global tourist destination.

In the category of tourism destinations in the Asia-Pacific region announced by “DestinAsian” magazine, Bangkok continues to top the list of the best cities, followed by cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, in the category of the best islands, Phuket and Samui Islands are ranked third and fourth respectively, second only to Bali and the Maldives.

The successive successes of Thailand in the tourism field are not accidental, but rather benefit from the joint efforts and practical results of relevant institutions. Since taking office in early September 2023, Settha Thavisin has been committed to promoting the economic recovery in various fields, among which the tourism industry, as a pillar industry and source of strength in Thailand, has received special attention from the government.

With the support of the government, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has closely cooperated with 8 tourism-related industries such as aviation, cuisine, and medical care, and provided convenient services for foreign tourists through measures such as implementing visa-free policies, enhancing their confidence in tourism in Thailand. In addition, leaders actively promoted the tourism industry during visits to various countries, discussed tourism cooperation matters with various countries, and promoted the comprehensive development of the tourism industry in Thailand.

To further promote the development of the tourism industry, the current government plans to implement a series of specific policies and plans during July to August, including making Thailand a festival destination and a center for music festivals, etc., to attract more tourists to come and experience. At the same time, the government also actively collaborates with internationally renowned companies to promote Thailand to become a regional aviation hub and enhance the international status of Thai airports.

In the past period, Thailand has attracted a large number of international tourists to visit and experience by holding grand events such as the “Songkran Festival”. The successful holding of these events not only showcases Thailand’s rich cultural and tourism resources, but also further enhances its popularity and influence in the international tourism market.

Settha stated that supporting the development of the tourism industry in Thailand and achieving success in a short period of time is an important factor for Thailand’s economic growth. The achieved results will benefit all departments and allow the Thai people to share the prosperity of the tourism industry. He will continue to promote the development of the tourism industry in Thailand and provide tourists with better quality services and experiences.

Thailand’s being honored with the title of “the best tourist country in the world in 2024” once again proves its leading position and outstanding strength in the global tourism market. In the future, Thailand will continue to strive to improve the quality of tourism services, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the international tourism market, and provide more exciting and wonderful tourism experiences for global tourists.

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