Brazil flag, public holidays, and Brazilian barbecue cuisine.

When it comes to Brazil, our first reaction is that it is a “kingdom of football”, as well as its famous festival, the Carnival. But if someone asks you, “Which continent does Brazil belong to?” “Where is the capital?” Can you answer these questions?

Brazil is located in the southeast of South America and is the largest country in South America. Regarding Brazil, we can start with their flag.

It is mainly composed of yellow and green, including blue. Green symbolizes Brazil’s vast jungles, yellow represents the rich mineral resources, and blue is the color of the sky in the capital Brasilia when the flag was formulated, and later it was called “Rio Blue”. The arched white belt on the celestial sphere divides the sphere into upper and lower parts, and the lower part symbolizes the southern hemisphere starry sky, and the different sizes of white five-pointed stars on this represent 26 states and 1 federal district in Brazil. In addition, the Portuguese writing on the white belt reads “Order and Progress”, which is a motto created by the French philosopher Auguste Comte, expressing the Brazilian people’s pursuit of social order and scientific progress.

If we talk about what unique cultures Brazil has, then we have to talk about the Brazilian samba dance. This is a dance full of rhythm, vitality, and passion. Its origin can be traced back to the African and Portuguese cultures in Brazil. It combines African drum beats and Portuguese dance elements and is usually accompanied by highly rhythmic music and displayed with a sexy dance posture in front of people.

Samba dance is a collective dance, usually performed in Brazil’s Carnivals and various social occasions. The unique feature of this dance is not only that it can make people feel happy, but also that it can be an effective way to lose weight.

Samba dance is a high-intensity aerobic exercise, and various steps and movements in the dance can drive the whole body to exercise, and the fast rhythm and high intensity requirements in the dance all help to improve physical strength and endurance, making us more energetic. Now it has become recognized as a symbol of Brazil and the Brazilian Carnival, and it is also the most popular form of Brazilian cultural expression.

If a hearty samba dance can make you feel an unprecedented happiness, then the local speciality, Brazilian barbecue, will surely satisfy your taste buds. Brazilian barbecue mainly includes grilled beef, chicken legs, pork, sausages, and even grilled pineapples, pears, and apples.

In Brazil, the barbecue is made by marinating these raw materials separately, stringing them on a flat iron rod about 1 meter long with grooves, and slowly grilling them over the charcoal fire. During the barbecue, several times of oil need to be brushed, and when it is baked until both sides are golden yellow and the meat smell is pungent, it is time for us to enjoy the delicious food!

In addition to delicious food and hot dances, the vitality and enthusiasm emitted by the Brazilian people are also a different landscape. In Brazil, people often express greetings by hugging or kissing, but in formal occasions, they use handshakes to indicate.

The Brazilian people are famous for their enthusiasm and boldness, so the streets and alleys are also filled with enthusiastic scenes. They like to hold various activities and celebrations, and the most familiar one is the Brazilian Carnival. It is known as the largest carnival in the world and has the title of “the greatest show on earth”. The Brazilian Carnival lasts for three days and is held in mid-February or late February every year. At that time, the streets are filled with people dressed in colorful decorations, which is also a special visual feast!

Brazil also has many amazing tourist attractions, such as the Three Powers Square, the Presidential Memorial Hall, Jesus Mountain, and the Brasilia Cathedral. Among them, the Brasilia Cathedral, this church was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and the appearance presents a hyperbola shape, supported by parabolic-shaped pillars to hold up the glass dome. Entering the interior of the church, we will be shocked by the spacious hall. This modern church witnessed the glory of Brasilia, the youngest world human cultural heritage city, which is something we can’t miss.

In addition, the Oriental Street in Brazil is also a good place worth visiting. It is located in Sao Paulo and is inhabited by many overseas Chinese from Japan, China, and North Korea. There are many restaurants, shops, and travel agencies operated by Chinese people on the Oriental Street. Walking into the Oriental Street, we will have a feeling of being in a small Chinese city. Influenced by its oriental cultural atmosphere, we are impressed by it. Every Spring Festival, a stage will also be set up on the Oriental Street to hold a 2-day performance to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which is indeed a lively and interesting place!

Brazil, this South American country full of passionate and bold charm, will definitely be a good place for us to go and take a look at the beautiful scenery of the country and feel the local folk customs!

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