Make an inventory of the world’s top ten beautiful coastlines and fjords.

The coastline is like the tailor of nature, outlining the contours of the islands and the land with lines. Some are smooth and beautiful, some are winding and rugged, some are gorgeous and colorful, and some are strange and mysterious. Walking on the coastline, on one side is the blue sea water, and on the other side is the exposed rocks. The gentle warm wind blowing towards us makes our hearts instantly only filled with comfort.

Speaking of this, this article will come to count for you what the beautiful coastlines around the world are, and feel the gifts of nature from it.

California Big Sur
Coordinates: West coast of California, Big Sur in the United States

Big Sur, which once was rated as “one of the 50 places that people must go in their lifetime” by National Geographic magazine, is located on the California Route 1. It is a US coastal highway connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the most attractive section among them belongs to the 90-mile Big Sur extending from Carmel to San Simeon. The west side of the Big Sur section is only close to the high mountains, with steep cliffs and peculiar rocks on one side and blue sea and blue sky on the other. When the fog clears, there are often falcons hovering in the sky, and the sun passes through the jungle and shines on the lush vegetation, which is simply beautiful.

Santa Monica Beach
Coordinates: Santa Monica, California, USA

Santa Monica is located in Los Angeles, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean to the west. This is a tourist resort and residential resort. The city is connected to cities such as Los Angeles on three sides, and on the other side is the Pacific Ocean, and a part of it adjacent to the Pacific Ocean is the well-known Santa Monica Beach. Santa Monica Beach is one of the most famous and attractive beaches in the Los Angeles area. It has convenient transportation and is at the end of Highway 10. The beach is 5 kilometers long.

The Great Barrier Reef
Coordinates: The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia

The internationally renowned Great Barrier Reef is located on the east coast of Australia, extending from the north end of Queensland to Bundaberg in the south, with a length of 2,300 kilometers. The scattered small islands and the wonders of marine life are the most charming places of the Great Barrier Reef. Whether it is deep diving into the crystal-clear water to walk with the devil fish, or taking a helicopter to feel the stunning coral reef from the air, you can have an extraordinary experience.

Bondi Beach
Coordinates: Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

The name of Bondi Beach comes from the language of the original inhabitants, bondi, which means the sound of the waves beating against the shore. Bondi Beach is located in the southwest of Sydney, only about 7 kilometers away from the city center. It is very convenient to drive there. The charming white sand beach, the curly layers of waves, and the scattered sandstone cliffs all these advantages make Bondi Beach rank among the “best in Australia” almost every year. On every sunny day, locals will gather on Bondi Beach to enjoy the sunbathing. In addition, it is also known as “the paradise for surfers” and has a wide variety of water sports.

Great Ocean Road
Coordinates: Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia

This seaside road extends between the cliff walls, and is famous for its breathtaking coastal scenery and criss-crossing natural landscapes. It is 276 kilometers long, winding and elegant among the rough waves of the South Pacific and the beautiful mountains and forests of Victoria. It has been rated as the first of the world’s top ten most beautiful tourist roads by the European Tourism Association. Here, you can not only see the Twelve Apostles Rocks, the lush and lush forest fairyland, the trickling waterfalls that fall from the cliff, the active and smart small animals, but also enter the peaceful and leisurely seaside town, which is completely a fairyland on earth.

Nice, coordinates: Nice, France. Nice is located in the south of France and has a typical Mediterranean climate, which is warm throughout the year. The blue Mediterranean Sea and the towering Alps are the eternal landmarks of this city. The sacred ancient Roman historical and cultural, the romantic fragrance of lavender in the fields of Provence, and the exotic Mediterranean cuisine, from any angle, Nice is a resort paradise in the hearts of tourists.

Amalfi Coast, coordinates: Amalfi, Italy. Unlike most coasts that are just simple seascapes, the special feature of the Amalfi Coast is that it was once a popular seaside republic and a resort for Roman emperors. After thousands of years of development, the historical culture of this place and the natural beauty complement each other. It has a wonderfully changing blue sea, jagged and abrupt steep peaks, bizarre caverns, visually stunning cliffside towns, ancient Roman ruins that are full of vicissitudes, and exquisite and elegant medieval churches, all of which allow tourists to leave unforgettable travel memories.

Cape of Good Hope, coordinates: Cape Town, South Africa. As a symbolic attraction in South Africa, the Cape of Good Hope is also known as the Cape of Cape, which is a famous rocky cape at the southern tip of South Africa. Due to the frequent storms and surging waves, it was originally also called “Storm Cape”. When the weather is clear, the entire peninsula can be overlooked from the Cape of Good Hope lighthouse, with the same color of the sea and sky, brown reefs and white waves, cool sea breezes, and a group of seabirds freely soaring in the air. In addition, the Cape of Good Hope is also one of the most famous whale watching places in the southern hemisphere, and the best time to watch whales is from June to November each year.

La Digue, landmark: La Digue, Seychelles. Seychelles is a country located on the African archipelago in the Indian Ocean and consists of 115 islands, among which La Digue is even known as the most beautiful beach in the world. Here, there are only two seasons a year, summer and autumn, and there is no winter. The global air quality is the first. The sea water in Seychelles is crystal clear, the underwater world is colorful, the coconut trees are like a forest, the water is clear and the sand is white, and at night there are countless stars in the sky. From any angle, it is a beautiful view without dead angles.

Waikiki Beach, coordinates: Oahu, Hawaii. Waikiki Beach is the most famous beach in the world and is also the “most Hawaiian” beach in the eyes of countless tourists. It starts from Kapi’olani Park under Diamond Mountain in the east and extends to the Ala Wai Yacht Marina, with a total length of about one mile. The pure white sand beach and the blue sky are transitioned by the sea with different shades of color, which blend together beautifully like a painting. From afar, the dots of people are playing in the water, and some are lying on the beach to bask in the sun. Looking at the sea from afar, the tide moves forward, and the color of the sea also changes, sometimes dark blue, sometimes blue, and the waves embellish the entire sea surface!

Galápagos, coordinates: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. The Galápagos Islands, also known as the Colón Islands, belong to the territory of Ecuador. It consists of 13 small islands and 19 reefs formed by the solidification of lava ejected from undersea volcanoes, like pearls inlaid on the vast Pacific Ocean. Known as the “living museum of biological evolution”, the Galápagos Islands, due to the diverse climates of the islands, volcanic landforms, and special natural environments, allow different habits of animals and plants to grow and multiply on this land at the same time. Here, strange flowers and rare herbs, rare birds and monsters are gathered, attracting adventurers from all over the world to come here admiringly.

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