Please be aware of the scams at shopping spots in Thailand tourism!

Since the mutual visa-free policy between China and Thailand officially came into effect on March 1, Thailand has also become a popular travel destination for Chinese people. However, recently, a “new type of cheap Chinese tour group” has emerged in Thailand. To travel with this tour group in Thailand for 6 days and 5 nights, the tour fee only needs 1,580 yuan, including round-trip airfare costs, travel board and lodging costs, transportation costs, and so on. The price is very appealing, but in fact, there are hidden secrets.

According to the report by the Thai media Thairath, the tour group stayed in a three-star hotel around, which is different from the advertised five-star hotel, but it is also acceptable. During the trip, the tour group also took tourists to visit and visit the scenic spots on the travel menu as scheduled, but on the last day of the trip, the location of the tourists’ travel projects was arranged at the shopping spot, including mainly shopping spots serving the tour group, snake park jewelry stores, and also a temple.

Inside this temple, it has been decorated as a shop, and various amulet products in it are also clearly priced. In addition, there are dedicated small single rooms for monks to do one-on-one religious services for tourists.

And a amulet purchased in this temple actually cost 20,000 baht . After the investigation and appraisal by expert Pong Suphan, the stock valuation of this amulet is 10 baht (about 2 yuan in RMB). The expert said that this type of amulet in many temples in Thailand is directly given to the incense guests who come to pay their respects, but now these merchants sell it to Chinese tourists at a high price.

In addition to this kind of shopping trap, some tour guides in low-priced tours will also try their best to let tourists spend more in order to earn more kickbacks. Just last year, there was an event of mandatory consumption by tour guides that caused condemnation from the vast number of netizens. The thing is that a Thai Chinese tour guide was very rude to tourists because they were not willing to buy, and even threatened. The tour guide claimed, “I haven’t said yet, if you don’t pay the fee, I will kill you. Please keep quiet.” “Don’t play with me, don’t pretend, those who I have scolded will be unlucky!”

According to the information from the Thai media, Thai reporters learned from a Thai tour guide who has been engaged in the tour guide profession in Thailand for 30 years that after Chinese tour groups attract Chinese tourists with low prices, they will immediately sell the Chinese tourists to Thai tour groups. In addition, many of the stores taken by the tour groups are stores opened by Chinese people to sell counterfeit goods, so tourists usually spend a high price but do not buy really good products.

With regard to these situations, the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports has also realized the problem and has conducted in-depth investigations and regulated the market. They emphasized the need to formulate standards for tourism service charges, strengthen supervision, and protect the rights and interests of tourists and tour guides.

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