Thailand The Water-Sprinkling Festival and the Songkran Festival is online!

The Water-Sprinkling Festival in Thailand, also known as “The Songkran Festival”, is the traditional New Year in Thailand and also the most grand and important festival held in the country every year. “Songkran” means “moving forward” and has the meaning of welcoming the new, eliminating disasters, and praying for blessings. Thais believe that water is the purest thing, and splashing water can wash away bad luck and pray for happiness and health in the new year.

In order to celebrate the fact that the Water-Sprinkling Festival has been listed as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO, that is, it is expected to enter the list of the top ten most influential festival events in the world, Thailand has spent 100 million baht to create a world-class carnival event, from April 1 to 21 for a full three weeks, and the Water-Sprinkling Festival holiday has also been extended to 5 days. So the 2024 Water-Sprinkling Festival is also the longest Water-Sprinkling Festival celebrated in history. Of course, the most lively water-splashing activities are still concentrated from the 12th to the 16th.

The Water-Sprinkling Festival originated from the ancient Indian Sankranti Festival of Sangrati (Makar Sankranti), which means “a day that brings change”. On this day, the sun begins to move to the northern hemisphere, and Thais thus regard the day of change as a sign of the old year entering the new year. For Buddhists, this kind of auspicious celestial movement can serve as an important record day.

Every year during the Water-Sprinkling Festival, in addition to the most famous water-splashing activities, Thais also have祈福 customs such as hanging the national flag, bathing the Buddha, and performing the water-sprinkling ceremony to the elders. This year’s Water-Sprinkling Festival officially began at dawn on April 13 and an opening ceremony was held.

During the Songkran Festival in Thailand, people will gather on the streets and use various containers from water guns to buckets to splash each other. Whether you are walking on the streets and alleys of the city or in the small villages in the corners of northern Thailand, you will receive blessings from head to toe.

Especially as the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has particularly many ways to play during the Songkran Festival, including the Songkran Festival goddess parade, concerts, concerts, drone shows, markets… Not only are there many activities and large scale, you can also splash water during the day, and there are also exciting splash water electronic music parties at night, which can be said to be very lively. It is reported that the Songkran Festival event was held in the Khao San Road and surrounding areas, including many streets such as Bang Lamphu Road, Chakkraphong Road, and Tanao Road, all immersed in the festive celebration.

It is worth mentioning that on April 12, Thailand held a grand “Super Songkran Festival” float parade near the Royal Field Square in the Grand Palace. And in this year’s Songkran Festival parade formation, the figure of a well-known Chinese female actress, Fan Bingbing, can be seen. She was dressed in traditional Thai costumes and rode in a “tuk-tuk” decorated with many flowers and participated in the parade with Thai celebrities.

However, although splashing water symbolizes blessings, in order to avoid the public playing too excitedly, Thai media have also specifically sorted out the relevant bans of the 2024 Water-Sprinkling Festival. According to Thai media reports, in accordance with the law, if during the water splashing, it is identified that there are situations such as bullying, intimidation, threats that cause discomfort to others, or even conflicts, involving the crime of assaulting civilians, etc., a fine of up to 5,000 baht or less will be imposed. If it causes harm to the bodies and minds of others, a maximum of up to 6 months of imprisonment and a fine within 10,000 baht may be imposed.

This celebration event also specifically emphasizes five safety principles: Prohibit the use of extra-large water guns, prohibit drinking alcohol, prohibit any form of “18-restricted” activities, prohibit carrying prohibited items, and conserve water. The police also use artificial intelligence technology to check the entry and exit of personnel and closely monitor various dangerous behaviors.

In addition, the 2024 Water-Sprinkling Festival ban also specially calls on the public not to overload and ride in the pickup truck cargo area. If there are more than 6 people riding in the pickup truck cargo area, or the number of occupants in the cab exceeds 3 people, and the speed exceeds 60 kilometers per hour, a fine of up to 2,000 baht will be imposed.

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