Australia| flag and currency of Australia, and the King’s Park in Perth and the Swan River.

Australia, this colorful continent known as “the paradise for road trips”, “the most beautiful coastline” and “the resort for diving enthusiasts”, how can there be no footprints that belong to us?

Australia, full name the Commonwealth of Australia, is located between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the sea on all sides, with a land area of 7.692 million square kilometers. It is the only country in the world whose territory covers an entire continent, so Australia is also called “Oceania”, and its capital is in Canberra.

Australia has four major cities, the first largest city is Sydney, the second largest city is Melbourne, Brisbane is the third largest city, and the fourth largest city is Perth.

It is said that the name of the city of Perth comes from the same-named city in Scotland. Before the arrival of European immigrants, the indigenous people here had already settled on both sides of the Swan River for a long time. In 1697, when the Dutch explorer William Ulamin came to the east bank of the Indian Ocean, he discovered an estuary. Going up the river, he found that the river surface had black swans that were not available elsewhere, so he named the river the Swan River. Until 1829, when Captain James Stirling of Britain’s immigrants cut down a tree not far from this place, he started the city of Perth.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is located on the banks of the Swan River in the southwest corner of Australia. It is the sixth most livable city in the world. Because Perth is located to the west of the Indian Ocean and to the east of the inland area of Australia, there are no large-scale cities within a radius of 1,300 miles, so it appears particularly lonely among them and is therefore called “the loneliest city in the world”. However, Perth also has spectacular beaches, pleasant climate and amazing natural landscapes. As a modern city, it also has a prosperous business and cultural place, so it is also one of the options for our outbound travel destinations.

01 Kings Park

The city of Perth is famous for its spacious parks and gardens. The most famous one is Kings Park. This park is located west of the city center of Perth, covering an area of more than 400 hectares, and is close to the Swan River. As one of the largest city center parks in Australia, the park provides a spectacular panorama of the city and a rich natural landscape. Two-thirds of the park is a natural jungle, and in spring, there are scenes of all kinds of flowers blooming. Here we can enjoy the botanical garden, visit the war memorial, and also take a walk and have a picnic.

02 Swan River

Perth has the beautiful name of “Swan City”, and here there is a river named after the swan, called the Swan River. The name of this river was given when the Dutch seafarers first came to Perth and were attracted by the unique and beautiful black swans by the river, so the river was named the Swan River. So on this river surface, the black swan is a major highlight, and it can be seen the elegant figure of the black swan whether in the morning or in the evening. And the black swan is also the official symbol of Western Australia, depicted on the state flag and coat of arms.

It is worth mentioning that there are multiple modes of transportation available for residents and tourists in Perth. These include public transportation, highways, urban light rails, bicycle lanes, taxis, and online car-hailing services. Among them, Perth’s public transportation system is operated by Transpreth, including buses, trains, and ferries. The bus network covers the city and surrounding areas, and the train system connects the city center with the outlying areas, while the ferries provide transportation services on the Perth River. In addition, Transpreth also provides free CAT bus services to facilitate people’s activities in the city center.

Perth not only has natural landscapes and cultural activities, but also other activities suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, such as desert adventures, diving, and so on.

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