Documents and Procedures Requirements for Visa-Free in Thailand and Malaysia

Some tourists believe that although both Malaysia and Thailand offer visa-free convenience measures for Chinese citizens, and it is said that only a passport is needed to enter Thailand, the entry procedures in Malaysia are relatively cumbersome.

Tomas posted a video stating that he had finished his nearly one-month trip in Thailand, was ready to take a flight to Penang for a tour, and explained at the airport the materials needed for entering Malaysia.

He mentioned that before entering Malaysia, it is necessary to fill in the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) and present a paid hotel reservation and return flight ticket reservation.

He said that the Malaysian authorities will also randomly check passengers and require passengers to present a proof of funds of 1,000 US dollars (approximately MYR 4,729).

“Thailand, I just brought my passport. To go to Malaysia, you need to prepare so much information, which is particularly cumbersome.”

“This is all visa-free, but visa-free in (Thailand) is different from visa-free in (Malaysia). Thailand is the easiest.”

Do you need to print out the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC)?
Yes, it needs to be printed. According to the latest entry instructions announced by the competent Malaysian government department, foreign citizens are required to fill in the MDAC (Malaysia Digital Arrival Card) online three days before entering Malaysia, and present the printed MDAC confirmation letter in paper form to the immigration officer upon entry.

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