How to take the train from Malaysia or Tailand to China and how much does it cost?

A Malaysian man took the train all the way from Perlis to China, passing through Thailand and Laos. Although it took a long time, the transportation cost for the whole journey was less than MYR 550!

Malaysian man Mohammad Shauqi posted on Facebook, sharing how he took the train all the way to China from Malaysia using only land public transportation.

According to the post, the man set off from Alor Setar, Perlis, passed through many places in Thailand and Laos, and stopped at many stations, and needed to constantly transfer to other buses to reach the final destination, Kunming, China.

Mohammad Shauqi said that he entered Kunming, China from the border of Mohan, Laos. (Taken from Facebook)

He said that he got to know many tourists from different countries during this long journey, and accumulated many travel stories and personal experiences.

Mohammad Shauqi also posted all the tickets he used during the journey, and after converting the total transportation expenses he spent throughout the journey into Malaysian ringgit, it turned out to cost only MYR 536.20.

Although it takes longer than taking a plane normally, he believes that the transportation cost of less than MYR 550 is quite cheap.

During the entire journey, Mohammad Shauqi stopped at many stations and needed to constantly transfer to other buses to reach his destination. (Taken from Facebook)

He pointed out that almost all the tickets in this journey were purchased on the spot at various train stations, and only the train ticket from Bangkok, Thailand to Nong Khai, northern Thailand was purchased online.

The man said that he was not the first person to travel by land transportation or take the train, because he had seen many people travel to China in the same way before.

In addition, he also shared and细分 the costs of the trains and other land transportation taken throughout the journey for netizens who plan to take the train from Malaysia to China for reference.
Alor Setar – Padang Besar (15-minute electric train): MYR 3.20
Padang Besar – Hat Yai, Thailand (1-hour train ride): MYR 8
Hat Yai – Bangkok (16-hour third-class train ride): MYR 45
Bangkok – Nong Khai (10-hour sleeper train ride): MYR 124
Nong Khai – Thanaleng (15-minute train): MYR 3
Thanaleng – Vientiane (small truck): MYR 50
Vientiane – Luang Prabang (2-hour train ride): MYR 76
Luang Prabang – Boten (2.5-hour train ride): MYR 38
Boten – Immigration Bureau (small truck): MYR 11
Immigration Bureau – Mohan, Laos (bus): MYR 3
Mohan, Laos – Kunming (6-hour train ride): MYR 175

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