Georgia TravelChina and Georgia visa mutual exemption!

Chinese Ambassador to Georgia Zhou Qian and Georgian Foreign Minister Darchashvili jointly signed an agreement between China and Georgia on mutual visa exemption for ordinary passport holders in Tbilisi on April 10.

According to the agreement, holders of a valid ordinary passport of Georgia or a valid ordinary passport of the People’s Republic of China are exempted from visa application when entering, exiting or transiting the other contracting party, with a single stay not exceeding 30 days and a cumulative stay exceeding 90 days in every 180 days.

What is mutual visa exemption? Mutual visa exemption refers to an agreement signed between two or more countries or regions to allow citizens of other countries to enter the country without requiring a visa for a certain period of time. And this also means that whether citizens of one country hold ordinary passports to travel to other countries, or citizens of other countries hold ordinary passports to travel to and from the country, they do not need to apply for a visa to enter and exit the country.

Mutual visa exemption simplifies entry and exit procedures, reduces travel costs, and greatly facilitates the travel of business people, tourists, international students and other temporary visitors.

China and Georgia signed a mutual visa exemption agreement. Zhou Qian said that as the agreement comes into effect, Chinese and Georgian citizens will be able to travel, visit and study in each other’s countries without visas, which will greatly enhance mutual exchanges and understanding between the two peoples. The agreement reflects The mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win nature of China-Grenada relations is another important achievement of bilateral relations after the establishment of strategic partnership between China and Grenada.

Georgian Foreign Minister Darchashvili also said that the signing of the mutual visa exemption agreement is a major event in the history of Georgia-China relations. The signing of the mutual visa exemption agreement is of great significance for enhancing the friendship between the two peoples and strengthening the economic ties between the two countries. He pointed out that he hopes that after the agreement takes effect, it will further promote exchanges between the two sides in the fields of economy, trade, tourism, culture and other fields. Georgia thanks China for its support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and reiterates its adherence to the one-China principle.

In addition, according to previous news from the Chinese Embassy in Georgia, in September 2023, Georgia took the lead in launching a unilateral visa-free policy for Chinese tourists. Relevant data shows that the number of Chinese tourists traveling to Georgia in 2023 exceeded 48,000.

The signing of this agreement has also enhanced the desire of our people to leave the country and go to Georgia. According to China Business News, on the Qunar platform, the price of direct flights in May is around 3,000 yuan. After the news of mutual visa exemption was released, the search volume for related tourism products, such as Georgia’s specialty steamed buns and Azerbaijan’s Caspian Sea grilled fish and rice, increased by 1.1 times.

Some netizens said that “mutual visa exemption has enhanced the friendship between the two countries and promoted friendly exchanges and cultural exchanges.” and “candid and trusting each other.”

Some netizens also asked whether there are new routes to Georgia. Currently, you can check on intracity travel that it departs from Beijing Daxing and arrives in Urumqi, and Urumqi already has direct flights to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, operated by China Southern Airlines CZ6039, four times a week.

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