Egypt Notes | Luxor Hot Air Balloons and Karnak Temple

Luxor is one of the eight hot air balloon travel destinations in the world. Before leaving Luxor, go and experience the hot air balloons in Egypt. The reason for choosing Egypt may be that it is the cheapest country in the world to take a hot air balloon.

Turkey’s Cappadocia hot air balloons are also a popular choice, but she has the unique beauty of the whole universe. The landscape is as shocking as the surface of the moon, and the hot air balloons filled with the sky at sunrise, as if being on an alien planet, are really worth the price. In contrast, the price of a hot air balloon in Luxor may only be 15%.

In addition, taking a hot air balloon in the ancient country of Egypt for thousands of years, you can see the sunrise over the Nile, the oasis on both sides of the river, the magnificent ancient Egyptian pharaoh temples, and the Valley of the Kings in the desert. It is a rare romantic experience.

The play in Luxor is divided into the east bank and the west bank. The alarm clock goes off at 4:00 in the morning, wakes up, washes, puts on thick clothes, and prepares to go to see the hot air balloon. It takes nearly two hours in the dark, both by boat and by car, to reach the west bank where the hot air balloon is released. I just watched the sun come out, and the first flight of the hot air balloon obviously couldn’t see the sunrise, because the staff said they were waiting for the wind and wanted to fly over the Valley of the Kings.

After the hot air balloon is ignited, except for the “ball captain”, the rest of the staff go down, and only the ball captain is in control of the direction and takeoff and landing of our hot air balloon. It’s a pity that our hot air balloon probably doesn’t like the Valley of the Kings. We saw the Valley of the Kings, fields of green, houses, and churches along the way, and came to the Nile.

Riding in a hot air balloon is like flying in the sky like a bird, enjoying the feeling of freedom.

When the flight is about to end, the captain needs to find a suitable place for us to land, and the staff are even driving and running all the way, thinking several times that it is about to land, but the wind blows it up into the sky again. I saw them running hard but failing every time. Finally, it landed near the Nile bank. The hot air balloon staff basically arrived at the scene within 5 minutes.

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