In China, the cherry blossom appreciation special line!

The number of tourists for cherry blossom viewing in East Lake, Hubei and Wuxi, Jiangsu has surged! Cherry blossoms, originating from China, have a cultivation history of more than 2,000 years. The florescence is divided into early cherry blossoms and late cherry blossoms, with early cherry blossoms in mid-April; late cherry blossoms in late April. April is the season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and going to various places to enjoy cherry blossoms is a trend.

On April 7, the East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden officially closed with an eye-catching report card. According to statistics, the East Lake cherry blossoms received 909,800 visitors in one month, received 1,518 batches of tour groups, and appeared on CCTV channels 6 times. The People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, China News Network and other CCTV media have focused on the East Lake cherry blossoms many times. In major social platforms, topics such as “#East Lake Cherry Blossoms#” and “#Wuhan East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden#” have reached tens of millions of clicks.

In addition, according to Hubei Daily news, Ctrip data shows that from March to April, in the popular flower viewing scenic spots in Wuhan, the pre-order volume of tickets for East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden accounts for about 79% of the total pre-order volume of tickets for cherry blossom theme scenic spots across the country. In addition, according to the staff of Wuhan Happy Valley, “This spring, we combined the cherry blossom atmosphere to carry out the national trend culture festival, creating a new place for spring outings in flower season Wuhan. Since its opening in March, it has attracted tens of thousands of people to enter the park for sightseeing and playing.”

On April 8, according to Hubei Daily news, the 16-day event of free riding of “cherry blossom appreciation special car” of Lantu Zhuguang in Wuhan ended. In order to welcome tourists who went to Wuhan to enjoy the cherry blossoms, Wuhan Cultural Tourism and Lantu Automobile collaborated to provide 60 new administrative electric flagship sedans Lantu Zhuguang. According to statistics, Lantu Zhuguang has provided services for more than 40,000 tourists in total.

Just on April 10, the Wuxi, Jiangsu Dingshu Airport launched an air cherry blossom appreciation special line, opening up a new perspective for citizens and tourists to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Air cherry blossom viewing is the first low-altitude application scenario introduced in Wuxi. After the helicopter takes off, tourists can overlook the cherry blossoms in full bloom in the cherry blossom season from the air. According to statistics, the daily maximum reception volume of this air cherry blossom tour line reached 130 person-times, and the average daily take-off and landing exceeded 30 sorties.

On April 11, the Japanese cherry blossom season arrived, and the Shansheng Comprehensive Sports Park in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, launched a zipline cherry blossom viewing sightseeing project. According to the website of Japan’s “Sky News 24 Hours”, this project is called “Kyoto Zipline Adventure”. There are multiple routes, named after different kinds of birds, such as pheasants and kingfishers. The zipline length varies from 60 meters to 130 meters, and the minimum distance from the ground is 6 meters and the maximum is 10 meters. On one of the routes, two participants can also hold hands and zip line side by side. In addition, the single zipline cherry blossom viewing ticket price is 3,500 yen per person; the zipline journey takes about 90 minutes, including putting on and taking off equipment, safety checks, staying in the forest that ordinary tourists cannot enter, and taking pictures to remember at the end; the project has set up 4 regular opening periods, and each period can receive up to 30 customers, and can also accept phone reservations.

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