Thailand plans to apply for intangible cultural heritage of Muay Thai and Thai clothing

On March 27, according to Thai media reports, the Thai government has obtained cabinet approval to submit “Thai clothing” and “Muay Thai” to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as intangible cultural heritage of humanity for registration.

Thai clothing is regarded as the national cultural heritage of Thailand, showing exquisite craftsmanship, fabric patterns, and exquisite weaving and sewing techniques. Muay Thai has inherited the wisdom of fighting, self-defense, and fitness for more than 300 years. This registration will help raise people’s awareness of Thai cultural values, promote knowledge exchange, and enhance the value-added and inheritance of Thai cultural values.

It is reported that Thailand has previously had four intangible cultural heritages included in the UNESCO Heritage List, namely Khon (selected in 2018), Thai massage (selected in 2019), Nora dance (selected in 2021), and Songkran (selected in 2023).

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